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How Do I Please My Mistress?

You want to please your phone sex Mistress, but you’re not sure how to go about it. It’s a lot to consider, when you think about it. What do I say? What do I do? How should I act around her in public? How should I act around her in private? The list goes on and on. The answer to all of these questions is very simple: Your Mistress will tell you how to act.

Learn What She Wants

You won’t be going out in public with her when she first acquires you, unless another Mistress can vouch for your reputation as a good slave. Your Mistress will want to test you privately to make certain that you will be an obedient slave that will do as you are told the first time and not have to be reprimand or corrected in public. Pleasing your Mistress is about what she requires of a slave. You must relinquish all control of your body and mind to her. She will instruct you on how to address her in private and in public. Learn these things so that it is second nature to address her in a respectful manner. She might require that you walk a few steps behind her and keep your eyes on the ground when you go out. These things are very important. She will tell you what she expects to say, or not to say, around her friends and acquaintances. She will make sure you understand the rules of enslavement and the consequences of breaking those rules.

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Follow Directions

She might start out by dressing you up either in her favorite tight leather pants with the collar and cuffs or maybe she’ll want you as a little sissy slut. If she wants you to be a little sissy slut, she will pick out the clothes you will wear. Maybe it will be a black strapless taffeta prom gown with a large skirt and little black bikini panties that you will have to squeeze your cock into. Or perhaps a sissy maid’s uniform? You would be expected to wear a garter belt with stockings and shoes with heels so thin they look like match sticks with any dress she chose for you. Depending on her mood, she might also want you to have a butt plug to see if you can hold it in without whining for long periods of time.

Be Entertaining

Your Mistress might want you to wear the outfit to a party for her friends. She would probably want you to perform at such a party, so she would give instructions on what will be expected of a good and well trained slave. Some things you might be commanded to do are: be a foot stool for your Mistress, or anyone else, dance on the stripper pole, or service one of the guests. She might have you suck a cock until they release or be a fluffer. Are you ready for that kind of demand from your Mistress? She won’t allow you to refuse. If you do, she might decide to humiliate you in front of the guests. You don’t want that do you? No, you always want to do as you’re instructed.

Give Up Control

You need a Mistress to control your cock, and control it she will. She knows how to give you the cock control you crave. She will make you do things even if you don’t want to, and say it’s for your own good. She always knows what’s best for you. If your Mistress decides to put you in chastity, you must submit to her. She will choose the device. She will choose how long you must be in chastity and what you can do when you take it off. There will be no more touching your cock without permission. Being in chastity will always remind you that your cock is owned by your Mistress.

But then again, if you’re an obedient slave, your Mistress might not decide that you need chastity. She might give you assignments that involve pleasure, such as stroking several times a day. Perhaps this will include her watching and guiding you in proper techniques. Following assignments just as she asks definitely pleases your Mistress. Pleasing your Mistress isn’t really difficult. Just remember that she is always right, always beautiful and demands absolute devotion from you, her slave. You live to serve her. She may be demanding and strict or she might be a relentless cock tease, but she either way, she controls your cock. So just look at it like this: Please your Mistress and ultimately, you please yourself.

American Femdom Phone Sex Mistresses Currently Available