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Performing for Your Mistress and Her Friends

This is a primer for those of you who want to make your Mistress happy and entertain her in many ways. That’s all of you, right? Of course it is! Prepare to take notes because after this it will be inexcusable to not know what to do in a situation where you are the entertainment at a party.

When you are performing for me and my friends there are rules that must be followed. This is your chance to find out what some of those are before you do something that does not please your mistress and you end up being punished instead of enjoying yourself. After all if I have to stop having fun to correct you, well then you know you are in some serious trouble! The point is to keep the fun going with minimal discipline from me.

Follow the Rules

First of all, you should never ever forget who is in control. No matter how many other people are there, your Mistress is the one in control. When you are at a party, it can be very distracting, I know that. After all my friends are all super hot and sexy, many of them are also Mistresses, but that does not mean that you can do as you please or expect to act differently than your Mistress has instructed you. As long as you keep that in mind, you will be on the right path.

I understand that sometimes my friends can be so sweet and tell you that you are cute and nice and even maybe ask you to rub suntan lotion on their firm sexy bodies. So, would you? No! You would instead come to me and ask permission first, after all I am the one in control and you do not make decisions without my okay. This doesn’t mean however that you can be rude to my friends. Oh no no! You have to politely tell them that you aren’t able to make your own choices and will be back as soon as you’ve asked your Mistress what to do.

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Be Prepared

The second really exciting and fun thing about parties is that everyone has new ideas! When you get a group of my friends together, we can come up with all kinds of amazingly fun and naughty games and things to do. Or more specifically to have YOU do! Be prepared to do not only what your Mistress asks but also what her friends would like. There may be new things that you haven’t done before, but you should be ready to do them without hesitation.

This is what I meant about not refusing a friend, of course you have to have the permission of your Mistress, but you also are the entertainment and we aren’t there to get bored. You have to be ready to try new things. For instance, maybe your Mistress keeps you in panties and her friends would like you naked or in a bikini, you will respond accordingly. Maybe you only like sucking strap ons but your Mistress has invited some male friends who want to be serviced. You should be prepared for new things and be ready and open to trying ALL of them without complaint.

Make Her Proud

There are times, when you forget yourself and try to say No or give your opinion. Do NOT do this. After all, you are representing your Mistress at this party. You are the one she has chosen to allow to be at the party and perform for her friends. You MUST NOT in any way, make her sorry that she chose you. That’s why this is quite possibly, the most important rule! Above all DO NOT embarrass her. It is an honor to be allowed to perform for her friends and if you should do something like, refuse a friend or whine that things aren’t really going as you’d like, well that will upset her.

I know it would upset me. You want your Mistress to be proud of you and pleased with you. Right? Of course you do! Pleasing your Mistress while performing at a party for her and her friends is the perfect way to tell her how much you appreciate everything she does for you . The way to say “Thank you” for giving you the opportunity to be the entertainment at the party, used and played with by all her friends.

Now you know the rules and they ways to let your Mistress know just how grateful you are to her! The next party, I just know you’ll go above and beyond all expectations. Good luck and remember it’s all about making it fun for your Mistress and her friends!

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