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What is Domination?

Domination refers to one person exercising control over another person in what is known as a consensual power exchange between the two parties involved. The one who gives control is known as the submissive and the one who exercises control is known as the dominant. The relationship between the two is known as one of Dominance and submission or D/s. D/s is a subset of alternative lifestyle act ivies encompassed in BDSM. BDSM is an acronym for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and submission,and Sadism and Masochism or Sadomasochism.

Types of Domination

There are many different types of domination and every D/s relationship is different. Humiliation is almost always an underlying theme in D/s play and more prevalent in some than others. Here are a few of the more common types of domination in D/s play.

Domestic Servitude

In the domestic servant role, the submissive performs domestic tasks for the dominant, such as being a maid, butler, chauffeur, or houseboy. This type of submissive is often referred to as a service submissive. Service submissives derive great pleasure from performing these tasks for their dominant. The dominant typically holds the domestic servant to very strict standards and dole out punishment for anything less than excellence.

Often times domestic servitude is combined with feminization or CFNM (clothed female, naked male). In the case of feminization, the man is made to wear a frilly French Maid costume or some other outrageous "sissy" outfit while serving Mistress and her friends. With CFNM, the male is made to strip naked, with the exception of possibly a bow tie and/or a sheer apron, and serve Mistress and her friends.

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Orgasm Control

Orgasm control is quite common in D/s play, as the dominant realizes the submissive becomes much more devoted and obedient when orgasm has been denied for a period of time. Orgasm control refers to a group of activities related to orgasm, such as tease and delay, tease and denial, orgasm edging, coerced orgasms, ruined orgasms, and chastity.


Chastity is a more extreme type of orgasm control that goes hand in hand with orgasm denial. In chastity, the submissive is made to wear a device the limits access to the genitals and prevents full arousal from occurring. Chastity makes a submissive more devoted and loyal and emphasizes his submission. Although orgasms are rare for those in chastity, teasing sessions are quite frequent, with sexual frustration being the goal.


Feminization is the act of sissifying the male by making him wear feminine clothes ranging from panties to full feminine attire and adopt other feminine characteristics. Sometimes feminization, also known as sissification, is combined with other D/s activities like cuckolding, domestic servitude, strap-on play, or impact play.


Cuckolding is the act of a dominant female, sometimes referred to as a hot wife, emphasizing a submissive male's sexual inadequacies by taking on other very endowed lovers, sometimes referred to as real men, or bulls. Typically the cuckold male is made to prepare the wife for her lover, watch him pleasure her to the point of orgasm, then clean her up with his tongue after he is finished. Sometimes cuckolding is combined with feminization to create a sissy cuckold. In addition to the typical cuckold duties, a sissy cuckold is also expected to prepare and clean up the lover in addition to preparing and cleaning up his wife.

Strap-on Play

In strap-on play, the dominant woman emphasizes her dominance by using a strap-on to penetrate the submissive male. Strap-on play is sometimes combined with cuckolding and feminization.

Impact Play

Impact play refers to the striking, or spanking, of a submissive using the hand or any number of implements such as a flogger, a whip, a paddle, etc. Often times impact play is combined with other D/s activities as a form of punishment for not meeting up to the dominant's expectations.