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Pleasing Your Mistress is Most Important

by Ms. Marlena of

When you assume the role of a submissive or slave, the pleasure of your Mistress is of utmost importance. For some men, the draw of female dominance is inexplicable. They feel an inherent drive to be subservient to women. For others, the appeal of femdom is nurtured over time and throughout life experiences with assertive, dominant women. In any case, as a sub, your foremost concern is impressing, pleasing, and amusing your Mistress.

Of course, pleasing your Mistress is also in your best interest. When your Mistress is pleased, you will be too. A satisfied, happy Mistress will ensure that all of your submissive fantasies, desires, and needs are met. And even more, you'll enjoy the personal satisfaction of knowing that you've properly and adequately served the woman you worship and admire. It's a simple system: happy Mistress, happy sub.

The Power of Female Dominance

Surrendering your control to a strong, dominant Mistress is a thrill. Whether you consider yourself a natural submissive or you simply enjoy the role reversal from your everyday stress, submission can be physically, emotionally, and psychologically fulfilling. When you please your Mistress and submit to her control, you can enjoy a strong sense of sub space, which is defined as an altered psychological state experienced by the submissive participant. While everyone's experience with subspace is unique, many people feel an intense connectedness with their scene partner, a strong focus on their sensations, and even a rushing release of endorphins that simulates a natural high.

Worship the Body of Your Mistress

One of the best ways to please is your Mistress is to worship her body. Body worship is defined as revering a part of another person's body. Every inch of your Mistress is worthy of worship, but the most common areas of attention are the feet, legs, ass, and pussy. If you want to get into the good graces of your Mistress, a dedicated foot massage is a perfect way to show your appreciation for her pedicured feet.

Worshiping your Mistress can be especially delectable if she offers you the opportunity to serve her pussy or ass. Imagine being a piece of human furniture as she sits on your face for a long, thorough tongue worship session. You live to serve, so work tirelessly to make sure that your Mistress is happy and satisfied.

Entertain You Mistress With Humiliation

If you have a taste for humiliation, you can please your Mistress by amusing her with acts of self-deprecation and embarrassment. Submit your ego to a verbal humiliation assault, or surrender your body to be dressed, paddled, or fucked by your Mistress! Your Mistress will have all kinds of devious scenarios in mind.

Maybe you'll be her newly hired slutty secretary in a coerced feminization role play. Perhaps you might be the humbled cuckold made to watch her as her lover compensates for your tiny penis. Whatever deliciously humiliating scenario she concocts, be sure of one thing: your humiliation is her pleasure.

And *that* is all that matters.

Please Your Mistress

Do you have an innate desire to serve and please? Do you find yourself to be naturally submissive? If so, it's important not to hide these feelings but share and express them.

Domination isn't just about spanking and whips to us. Our Femdom Mistresses provide a sensual, erotic experience that will truly bring out your submissive side. Our submissive phone sex sessions allow you to be truly free in your submissive desires and experience all the pleasure that goes along with that. Whether it's humiliation, spanking, cuckholding or just a desire to serve, our sessions will provide you with what you need; what you have been longing for.

Submissive Exploration

As someone with submissive feelings, it can be difficult to express those in your personal life. Being submissive is nothing to be ashamed of, yet it is understandable why many cannot be their true selves in their private lives. At Please Your Mistress, we offer submissive phone sex training that really lets you develop your submissive side in a safe and controlled environment. Our Mistresses are fully trained in all areas of submission from orgasm denial, foot and shoe fetish, forced feminization and more.

You may be asking yourself why you are this way. Many people don't understand dominance and submission and may look down upon it. But understand that to submit is to put your total trust in someone and commit yourself to them. During this process, you will feel free and filled with pleasure.

You may not know exactly what you want
but that is why our Mistresses are here
to guide you through the world of submission.

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