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Mistress Makes me Wear Panties

Do I consider myself a panty boy? No. Do I wear panties? Yes. Does that automatically make me a panty boy? No. Let me explain.

I have no desire to cross dress or be feminine or anything like that. I have no desire to wear panties, either. What I do have, is a desire to please my Mistress. Wearing panties pleases my Mistress so I wear panties. You're probably asking yourself why my Mistress would want me to wear panties if I have no desire to be feminized. Hell, I was wondering the same thing myself when Mistress informed me that I'd be wearing panties from now on.

"But... I don't have any feminization fantasies," I told Mistress.

"This isn't about feminization," she informed me. "This is about power exchange. The panties are a symbol of my control over you."

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The Dynamics of Power Exchange

Power Exchange, also known as Dominance and Submission, or D/s, is a consensual agreement between a dominant and a submissive whereby the dominant controls the submissive in erotic situations, and sometimes, as part of a lifestyle. I've always had a bit of a submissive streak in me; always wanted to please my significant other more than anything in the world. My wife, though, is not into D/s at all. She doesn't seem to understand the dynamic and can't see why people enjoy consensual power exchange.

When we were first married, I tried explaining why it was so important to me and why it would mean the world to me if she could just give it a try. Eager to please, she read everything she could find on the subject and even attempted a few D/s scenes with me. I could tell, though, that her heart just wasn't in it, and instead of finding the pleasure I was seeking, I just felt bad for asking my wife to do something she clearly had no interest in.

I sat down and talked with her about it and told her how much I appreciated her trying so hard to please me but that it just didn't feel right. She agreed but was concerned about my D/s needs not being met. That's when I mentioned to her about the possibility of me calling a phone sex Mistress strictly for that purpose. She was open to the idea and we selected my Mistress together.

The Best of Both Worlds

Even though my wife isn't officially dominating me, she's actively involved. She asks what my latest assignments are and does her best to keep me honest and obeying them. She's not into some of the more hardcore aspects of D/s but she is beginning to understand more about how it works and can almost see how appeals to some people.

In fact, when I told her what Mistress said about putting me in panties from now on, I was a bit worried she might not like it. I wasn't prepared for what actually happened! She opened my drawer and started throwing all my boxers in the trash! Then she took me shopping for panties and even made me try them on! Right there in the store's dressing room! Needless to say, that was the most turned on I had been in a very long time! The excitment of my wife watching over me as I was trying on panties, of her beginning to embrace my need for D/s, was almost more than I could handle right at that moment!

My wife has been keeping track and confirms that wearing panties has indeed made me more submissive. She says I help out around the house a lot more, I'm a lot more attentive to her needs, and more concerned about her pleasure than my own. In fact, xhe has no intention of letting me wear boxers ever again! She just informed me that the next time I speak to Mistress, my wife wants to have a talk with her too. I can hardly imagine what they may dream up for me next!