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My Mistress controls everything in my life and I love her for it! I wanted a Mistress to control my life and I found the perfect one! She controls everything. I got her a smart phone that is synced with mine so she can make my daily schedules and keep track of the things I have to do, like work. So every morning I get calendar updates on what I should be doing. Read more about how Mistress Totally Controls Me.

You've heard the terms submissive and slave used a lot in reference to dominance and submission, or D/s, and it appears that they are often used interchangeably. But are they interchangeable? Read What is the Difference between a Slave and a Submissive to find out.

Let's face it. You let your cock do your thinking for you most of the time, don't you? You try not to let it, but you just can't help yourself. Every time you see a sexy lady walk by, your dick sprouts to attention, giving you no choice but to pay attention to it. You can't wait to get home and masturbate while fantasizing about her. Sometimes it's all you can do to get your work done because your cock keeps reminding you it wants attention. That's precisely Why you need a Mistress to control that unruly cock of yours!

It's hard to describe subspace and even its definition seems ambiguous until you analyze it. According to the Free Dictionary Online, subspace is "A space that is wholly contained in another space, or whose points or elements are all in another space." Those who have experienced subspace will say that's a pretty good technical description. To put it into less technical terms, subspace could be defined as "an alternate reality existing within the space of the mind." Read more about it in What is Subspace?

When you are performing for your Mistress and her friends there are rules that must be followed. This is your chance to find out what some of those are before you do something that does not please your mistress and you end up being punished instead of enjoying yourself. After all if she has to stop having fun to correct you, you know you will be in some serious trouble! Learn how to stay out of trouble by reading Performing for your Mistress and her Friends.

When there’s no way I can control myself, my Mistress helps! I haven’t always been able to control myself like I can now. Wait, no, that’s a lie. I can’t control myself now, but my Mistress can. My cock has always seemed out of my control, wanting and needing more or different things than I was giving it. Stroking became almost boring, not giving me enough interaction and the needs I had weren’t being met. But my Mistress, she helped me with this. Stroking every time I get hard or feel the need, wasn’t productive for the rest of my life. She taught me to control myself and when I can’t well she controls me. Read more about Why I am so Devoted to My Mistress.

You want to please your Mistress, but you’re not sure how to go about it. It’s a lot to consider, when you think about it. What do I say? What do I do? How should I act around her in public? How should I act around her in private? The list goes on and on. The answer to all of these questions is very simple: Your Mistress will tell you how to act. Read more about how to please your Mistress.

D/s or Dominance and Submission is about the consensual exchange of power from one person to another. The person granting the power is known as a submissive and the person accepting the power is known as a dominant. This does not mean the dominant has total control over every aspect of the submissive's life. Both the dominant and submissive partner are equals and should respect each other as such. Read more about it in the D/s Dynamic.


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I have no desire to cross dress or be feminine or anything like that. I have no desire to wear panties, either. What I do have, is a desire to please my Mistress. Wearing panties pleases my Mistress so I wear panties. You're probably asking yourself why my Mistress would want me to wear panties if I have no desire to be feminized. Hell, I was wondering the same thing myself when Mistress informed me that I'd be wearing panties from now on. Read more about it in Mistress Makes Me Wear Panties.

Domination refers to one person exercising control over another person in what is known as a consensual power exchange between the two parties involved. The one who gives control is known as the submissive and the one who exercises control is known as the dominant. The relationship between the two is known as one of Dominance and submission or D/s. D/s is a subset of alternative lifestyle act ivies encompassed in BDSM. BDSM is an acronym for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and submission,and Sadism and Masochism or Sadomasochism. Read more about it in What is Domination?


D/s negotiation is a discussion held between a dominant and a submissive prior to any D/s activity to determine the rules of the relationship and rules for D/s play. This discussion typically includes things like a safeword, limits and boundaries, types of D/s activities enjoyed by both parties, etc. Read more about it in What is D/s Negotiation?

What is the Difference between a Submissive and a Regular Submissive? Technically, a service submissive is a type of submissive. You don't have to be in the BDSM lifestyle to be classified as a submissive. Many men and women are submissive by nature whether they practice the BDSM lifestyle or not. A service submissive can be the husband who enjoys taking care of all the chores around the house so his wife can have more free time to go shopping or hang out with her friends. He may be the boyfriend who enjoys bathing his princess, giving her foot massages, and anything else she enjoys that will make her feel pampered. Read more about the service submissive.

You may be wondering, as many men do, the best way to please your Mistress. This is a very common question among submissives, particularly among those who are newer to the Femdom lifestyle. There are as many different kinds of Mistresses out there as there are men who wish to serve them. They all have different personalities, different tastes, different desires. Continue reading Styles of Serving your Mistress.

Men often have an idea of what being in a female-led relationship would be like long before they ever actually participate in that type of relationship themselves. Unfortunately, these men's expectations are usually completely unrealistic. Luckily for you guys, you now have a Femdom Mistress who is here to explain the reality of domination to you. Continue reading The Reality of Domination.

I'm the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. I'm a classic Type A personality; always making decisions, always on the go- a real alpha male. To some, I am a classic male chauvinist; to others, I am just an all around asshole. Outwardly, that is my stance. Inwardly, I am a secret submissive. Read more about the secret submissive.

I recently acquired a new submissive and one of the first things I did was place him under cock control, as well a Mistress should. In order for him to understand I was truly in charge, he needed to know that every part of him was completely under my control. I chose to control his cock because it is symbolic of his manhood; by controlling it, it means that I am in total control of him. Continue reading Controlling his Cock.