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Oh, look! It's another little subbie boy, curious about what it'd be like to serve a Princess like Princess Andi. Wow, it's crazy how many of you come and apply for this position. But I guess you just can't help yourselves, can you? And who can blame you? *Smiles*

Since you're here, you're obviously wondering what it'd be like to be my little slave boy. So I'll oblige you and give you a quick rundown of the things that you can expect if you choose to turn yourself over to me to do with what I like.

You will serve me in whatever way I desire. For example, I enjoy body worship. I'm referred to as a Princess, but I expect you to worship me like a Goddess. My feet, my legs, my ass...all these parts of me are to be worshipped daily. You will also be my little plaything. If I decide I want to tease you for hours, then deny you orgasm because giving you blue balls amuses me, then that's what I'll do. If I want to spank you or bust your balls or humiliate you or whatever, it'll happen. It won't happen because it's what you desire because it gets you off. It'll happen because it's what *I* want to see.

I can be a very demanding and exacting Princess. But if you serve me well, there's no limit to the rewards you'll reap. Do you think you can handle it? Why don't we find out?


New to Domination?

If you are new to the world of domination then look no further for support. Our Femdom Mistresses can guide you through your submissive journey with submissive training, slave phone sex and more. Why not try guided masturbation as a starting point to discovering your submissive self? Orgasm denial and cock control are great tools to reveal your submissive side and you don't have to worry about delving in too deep. Once you become comfortable, you can look to our Mistresses to explore and push your limits.

Domination Services

We offer a wide variety of services including submissive phone sex training, guided masturbation, CBT, foot and shoe fetish fantasy sessions, cuckhold domination and more. Our Mistresses are sensual and erotic but can be harsh if needed. They trained and experienced in working with both newer subs and experienced ones. Submission comes in many forms. Some desire to act as a slave while others enjoy humiliation. For some, spanking is the ultimate punishment and reward and for others, it's pressing their lips against the toe of a boot. We provide phone sex sessions for all of your submissive desires.

Phone sex domination is a great way to explore that submissive side without having to visit a Mistress in person. Our Mistresses develop the same deep, intense relationship as you would with a dominatrix but in a safe and secure environment.