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Why you Need a Mistress

Let's face it. You let your cock do your thinking for you most of the time, don't you? You try not to let it, but you just can't help yourself. Every time you see a sexy lady walk by, your dick sprouts to attention, giving you no choice but to pay attention to it. You can't wait to get home and masturbate while fantasizing about her. Sometimes it's all you can do to get your work done because your cock keeps reminding you it wants attention. That's precisely why you need a Mistress to control that unruly cock of yours!

What is Cock Control?

A wise woman once said "Control the cock, control the man" and she was absolutely right. Men don't realize how much their cock controls them and everything they do. We women realize it though; have for years. The way to control a man is not through his stomach, as that old saying goes, but through his cock.

There are many different types of cock control, such as guided masturbation, tease and denial, orgasm control, chastity, and even sensual humiliation. Each person is different and will respond better to some forms of cock control than others and each Cock Control Mistress has preferred methods for controlling cocks. Some Mistresses are quite strict and stern in their cock control approach while others are more sensual. Finding the right Mistress to control your cock is very important and not something that should just be randomly decided.

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Selecting the Right Mistress

So how do you find just the right Cock Control Mistress to fit your needs? We offer a variety of ways to help you determine whether you and a particular Mistress will be a good fit.

Mistress Profiles
First, Mistress has a profile that you can read when you click her picture on the available Mistress list. You can get a general idea whether she may be looking for based on what her profile says.

Voice Samples
There are voice samples on each of the Mistress profiles- the ones that say "Hear My Voice." This is usually a short audio, about a minute in length, that lets you listen to the nuances of her voice.

Also on the profile page is a link to her blog. Reading her blog posts can give you a good idea of her mindset and the type of Mistress she may be.

Yahoo Messenger
Many of the Mistresses also have Yahoo Messenger IDs listed on their profiles and encourage you to chat with them so you can get a good idea if you are a good fit for each other.

Enchantrix Empire
If you aren't already a part of our Adult Social Network, Enchantrix Empire, you'll want to head over there now to join. At Enchantrix Empire you can interact with all the Mistresses and other like-minded individuals. There are a variety of polls, blogs, audios, and other fun things to do there, many of which can be beneficial in helping you choose just the right Mistress.

Free Erotic Audios
You can also listen to a large selection of free erotic audios created by many of the Cock Control Mistreses.

Benefits of Cock Control

Now that selecting the right Mistress is out of the way, let's talk about the many benefits you'll get from having your cock controlled. First off, you'll likely get a lot more accomplished without having to keep stopping and listening to your cock all day long. You'll probably find that you enjoy masturbation a lot more now that your masturbation sessions are being controlled by a Mistress. Instead of "rubbing one out" just to get it out of the way, you can now sit back, take your time, and enjoy the ride. You'll also find that you are a much more attentive lover and can last longer now that you've gained a little self control. What woman wouldn't want a man like that?

So there you have it! You'll get more accomplished and be a better lover... so what are you waiting for??